10 Best xBox Steering Wheel

Looking for the best racing wheel can turn out to be a daunting task to accomplish. With advancements in technology at hand, hundreds of options have been presented. Each of these options has their unique offers, making it more difficult for you to make your choice. If you believe that finding a reliable racing steering wheel is a must for you to enjoy  better game.  We have the best racing wheel reviews to help you find the best racing wheel for your needs.

To assist you in this process, we have decided to create this guide and review. Closely looking into the most popular options out there. This guide focuses on all the top features that make for a top racing steering wheel option. You will be helped by comparing the specific features, pros and cons of each Xbox one racing wheel which will enable you to make an informed decision once you’re through.

Playing the likes of Project CARS or Forza 6 on your Xbox One with your trusty controller is great for that casual spin around the track, but even the mighty Elite controller can’t deliver the same racing experience you get with the best Xbox One steering wheel / pedal setup.

It’s all about the feedback and when you can feel the changes in the road surface, the increasing resistance as you dive into a tough corner or the instant your wheels start to lose grip and you’ve got a split second to correct, you become utterly immersed in the game world.


1. Logitech G920 Driving Force

Logitech G920 Driving Force

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Logitech is a Swiss international provider of PC and mobile accessories. It has global headquarters spread across different locations, with its USA headquarters based in Newark, California. This company is a known developer and marketer of different products including keyboards, webcams, Bluetooth speakers, and gaming accessories. One of the products under this label is the Logitech Driving Force G920 Racing Wheel, along with its siblings, Logitech g25 racing wheel pedals and gear shift, Logitech g27 racing wheel, and Logitech g29 racing wheel. The G920 model is one of the lightest options available, making it ideal for those who are looking for comfort.

There are really only two key players in the battle for your petrol head and racing heart; Logitech and Thrustmaster. Those are the two manufacturers who make the biggest range of affordable steering wheels and we’ll come to the ultra high-endFanatec guys later on…

But when it comes to the Xbox One Logitech has got the goods with the excellent G920 setup. Logitech’s been rocking the racing wheel world since it’s brilliant G25 wheel, and the subsequent G27 has been a mainstay of affordable sim setups for years. But this is the first time it has created a bespoke option specifically for Microsoft’s flagship console.

The hand-stitched, leather-clad wheel feels luxurious, and comes with a fantastic level of force feedback response. A slight concern are the pedals, which come in a threesome if you want to go ultra-realistic with a clutch and stick-shift, but can be a little stiff on the brake to start with. Thankfully the pedals are well built with a sturdy floor grip for when you really have to slam on the anchors.


Full Microsoft Xbox One certification and licensing

Compatible with the largest number of Xbox racing titles

Pedals included in the kit, with optional gearshift available for purchase


Constructed primarily of rubber and plastic, rather than premium materials


2. Thrustmaster VG Ferrari


Thrustmaster VG Ferrari

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The 458 Spider is ideal for playing racing games in the living room if you don’t want to invest in a gaming steering wheel mount. You almost need to have such a mount if you’re using a wheel with force feedback. While there are positives to not having force-feedback motors, there are also downsides. You don’t get any feedback from your favorite racing games, which hurts immersion and enjoyment.


While you’re racing, you can rotate the 458 Spider 240 degrees, which isn’t a large amount. Still, it’s better than the 180 degrees that some wheels allow. What this means is that you can rotate the wheel two-thirds of the way to the right and left, instead of only halfway. With such a small turn radius, small movements on the wheel translate into large movements in the game. This is great for courses that are fairly straight, but bad for courses that need fine control.

You won’t find a clutch in the pedal set, but at this price point, it’s good to see a pedal set at all. There’s nothing quite as immersing as slamming the gas and feathering the brake pedal during a heated race. The 458 Spider’s pedals aren’t the best you can find, but they serve their purpose well enough.

Should you have any problems with the 458 Spider, Thrustmaster offers a two-year warranty. That’s plenty of time to notice any factory defects and get them resolved. You can contact the support team through email or by phone. There isn’t a live chat option, or an official online community.

3. Mad Catz Wireless Force


Mad Catz Wireless Force

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Mad Catz has long been one of the leading accessory producers for Xbox gamers. The company’s Wireless Force steering wheel provides for an affordable, simple extension of racing games. The steering wheel’s wireless design is unique among third-party brands, especially those that come with included pedals. The Wireless Force does come with included, fully wireless pedals, making the racing experience even more immersive.

It should be noted that the Wireless Force steering wheel was initially designed for the Xbox 360 ecosystem. In recent years, however, the company has issued firmware updates that have brought the product into full compatibility with the Xbox One console and the many racing games that are now available for the latest iteration of Microsoft’s gaming platform.


USB software updates ensure long-term viability

This steering wheel Compatible with both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Wireless wheel and pedals eliminate the need for mounts and extension cables


Bulky design might be hard accommodated in smaller living rooms or game rooms

Not officially certified by Microsoft for use with the Xbox One console


4. Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 width=

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Looking for the authentic, Italian racing experience that only an Italian sports car can provide? Look no further than the Thrustmaster TX 458. Designed to mimic a Ferrari’s steering wheel and materials, the TX 458 is easily one of the most high-end racing experiences on the market for Xbox One owners. The steering wheel is wrapped in high-end Italian leather, just like a Ferrari, which has been hand-stitched to ensure the highest quality and most tactile feel available while racing.

In addition to the steering wheel, this set comes with pedals that will further enhance the realistic nature of the Italian racing experience. The TX 458 is fully certified for Xbox One and Windows use by Microsoft and features intuitive placement of the Xbox game controls within the steering wheel. The feedback mechanism embedded in the steering wheel provides a realistic racing experience that the company touts as being virtually identical to what drivers experience on the racetrack in an actual Italian sports car.


Real Italian leather materials used throughout

Pedals are included in the package

Fully certified by Microsoft for use with Xbox One and Windows



No included gearshift, limiting the experience

Incompatible with the Xbox 360 and some older versions of Windows


5. HORI Racing Wheel One for Xbox One


HORI Racing Wheel One for Xbox One

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The HORI Racing Wheel One is easily the most affordable steering wheel accessory for the Xbox One console. As an added bonus, the steering wheel is fully certified by Microsoft for use with both the console and a PC running a recent version of Windows. While the accessory doesn’t come with its own shifter or pedals, paddle shifters are integrated into the steering wheel and provide a realistic racing experience. The HORI Racing Wheel One is also fully compatible with a wide array of stands that will put the steering wheel at perfect “driving height” and make the racing experience more enjoyable.

One thing that gamers should note is that HORI has created two distinct Racing Wheels to accommodate the latest generation of console gaming. The company produces separate models of the wheel for PlayStation 4 and Xbox one; these wheels are not cross-compatible, so it’s worth choosing the Xbox wheel only if it will never be used outside the Microsoft ecosystem. Also worth noting is the all-black design of the wheel. While attractive, the HORI Racing Wheel One makes it sometimes hard to see the mounted game controls, and that could lead to some problems in-game and when between games.


Analog foot pedals included in the box

Officially licensed by Microsoft and fully certified for use with Xbox One

Integrated paddle shifters offer a space-saving gearshift for power players


Compatible only with the latest Xbox console

Difficult visibility of Xbox controls within the steering wheel


6. Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster VG TX Racing Wheel

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Another option for serious gamers from Thrustmaster, the VG TX Racing Wheel is an excellent choice for a realistic racing and driving experience. Like several other options on this list, the VG TX comes as part of a package, with pedals also included in the box at the time of purchase. Compatible with most steering wheel stands, the combination of these two products creates the simulated interior of a race car, with hand-stitched leather wrapped around the steering wheel and highly realistic force feedback embedded in the wheel itself.

Like several of the products on this list, Thrustmaster has gone out of its way to ensure broad compatibility with many of today’s popular gaming platforms. Buyers will enjoy full Xbox One compatibility as well as PC compatibility with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. As an added bonus, the controller embedded in the wheel is highly ergonomic and makes for easy control throughout every phase of the race.


Excellent control placement within the steering wheel

Realistic force feedback embedded in the steering wheel

Two-in-one package that includes both a steering wheel and pedals

Official Xbox One licensing and compatibility certification


Rather expensive when compared to competing options

Limited or no compatibility with most Xbox 360 games


7. OPENWHLR Racing Wheel EX2


OPENWHLR Racing Wheel EX2

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OPENWHLR’s Racing Wheel EX2 was one of the original racing wheels for Xbox 360, and it’s still considered among the best products on the market for console racing. The wheel’s wireless design makes it easy to place and use, while included analog pedals provide a realistic braking and acceleration experience during most games. The OPENWHLR Racing Wheel EX2 is fully certified by Microsoft for both Xbox and PC connectivity and is currently being tested for use with the Xbox One console.


Compact, wireless design with ergonomic controls

Analog pedals included with the steering wheel

Fully licensed and certified by Microsoft


Currently only compatible with Xbox 360 consoles and racing titles


8. Logitech G27 Racing Wheel


Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

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Logitech is perhaps the biggest name in peripherals, whether it’s PC gaming, console gaming, or simply keyboards and mice. The company’s G27 Racing Wheel accessory for Xbox 360 and Xbox One is one of the most impressive accessories on the market. Unlike many competing products, this wheel is part of a complete package: The wheel comes with a set of pedals as well as a fully connected gearshift. The result is an experience that is, indeed, the most immersive for many of today’s racing games.

In addition to including a full slate of automotive simulators, the G27 Racing Wheel features a dual-motor force feedback system that is considered among the most responsive and realistic on the market. Each component of the bundle features realistic LEDs that indicate everything from gear speed to controller button responses, which makes this steering wheel quite usable for novice and advanced users alike. Compatible with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as well as some PC games, this is a great way to get a realistic, versatile steering wheel accessory for a whole host of games and platforms.


Three components in one package: steering wheel, pedals, and gear shift

Compatibility with both console and PC racing games

Top-notch force feedback creates a realistic driving experience


One of the most expensive steering wheel sets on the market

Gearshift is only supported by a small handful of current games


9. Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback racing wheel for Xbox One and Windows


Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback racing wheel for Xbox One and Windows

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Increasingly, gamers are looking for realistic steering wheels that shy away from the U-shaped design of the Microsoft Speed Wheel and look like something that could be realistically mounted in a sports car. In that space, Thrustmaster is one of the hottest and most competitive brands. Several of the company’s products make it on this list of the best Xbox options, starting with the TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel. Unlike some competing options, the TMX is compatible with both the Xbox One and Windows 10, making it a high-value option for gamers who like to alternate between PC and console gaming.

The TMX features both a realistic steering wheel and an optional combination with pedals that can make the gaming experience even more immersive. The product comes with 900-degree force feedback response, which will help gamers feel every bump and impact within the game from start to finish. The company notes that the TMX wheel was designed as an exact replica of a racing steering wheel, in terms of both dimensions and materials, giving this accessory a premium feel.


Bundled pedals are wide and ergonomic for long periods of gameplay

Realistic racing materials and dimensions used throughout the wheel

Compatible with both Microsoft Windows and the Xbox One console


Higher price than some alternatives

Pedals, when combined with the wheel, require a sizable footprint near the gamer

Ergonomic design ignores Xbox control placement within the center of the wheel


10. Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel


Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel

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When Microsoft was the leading manufacturer of Xbox accessories, perhaps because the company felt that it had to fully support its fledging consoles in a world once dominated by the likes of Nintendo and Sony. From that era of Microsoft’s history comes the Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel. The only steering wheel accessory ever released by Microsoft, the Speed Wheel is an excellent accessory for holdouts who are keeping their aging Xbox 360 in active rotation among their larger list of the console.

Unlike many steering wheels currently on the market for the Xbox One, the Speed Wheel offers full, wireless compatibility with the console and features the traditional Xbox control buttons on either side of the wheel. A U-shaped design is highly ergonomic, making it easy to hold the steering wheel for long periods of time and remain agile while in active game play. The wheel’s many benefits are only for the Xbox 360. However, the steering wheel is not compatible with the Xbox One and Microsoft has not committed to releasing an updated version of the accessory for its latest console.


Highly attractive and ergonomic design

Xbox controls are built into the steering wheel in a unique way.

Wireless design makes connecting and playing easier

By far the most affordable steering wheel accessory for Xbox


Incompatible with the latest console from Microsoft

Increasingly limited selection of compatible new games